D2 Property page visibility conditions based on repeating field

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We have a requirement to show/hide some field in a property based on what values are selected in a repeating filed.

We added a bunch of visibility conditions, which work if one repeating value is selected.

But if more than one repeating value is selected they dont work. Any suggestions?



  • evgeny_v
    evgeny_v Evgeny Voronov
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    By saying 'don't work' what do you mean? All visibility settings are going back to defauts (all fields are visible) or something else? What version of D2 (and patch level of it) is in use?

  • DCTM_Guru
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    How did you define your condition (post screenshot)?

  • dctmadi
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    We have D2 4.6 installed.

    m_cr_content_categories is a repeating field.

    I added below visibility condition for another attribute Ex:"Attribute123".

    If I select one repeating value for example "Disease state", "Attribute123" is visible, but if I select both the values "Attribute123" is not visible.



  • Hi,
    What was the solution for this?
    I also tried bunches of Conditions in Advanced view editor but didn't succeed. Please share the syntax.

  • Hello Johnny Gee,
    Do have any idea on this?

    To get the count of attribute1, do you have any Syntax that we can use in Condition.
    I mean, I have 2 attributes (both repeating value) and used 'list field' for both. I want to Enable/Visible the attribute2's 'list field' when attribute1 'list field' has only 1 value selected.
    1) I have tried 'n' number of syntax combinations to count the value of 'attribute1' but failed.
    Do you have any idea?
    2) I want to capture the attribute1's value/s from the 'list field' so that on the basis of this, I can populate the values in attribute2 list field.

    Thank you so much in advance.
    Vinod Rapeswal

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