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Reporting -- File system status


I'm wondering whether ReportCenter can be configured to produce reports regarding the current state of the file system (e.g. the number of files, files owned by author X, files in a given workarea, number of workareas/branches in a store, etc.). My research leads me to believe that Crystal Enterprise retrieves its data from a database only. If that is indeed the case, is it possible to connect it to the search functionality in some way?

As a side question, I'd also like to know how configurable the HTML reports are in terms of formatting (e.g. is it possible to generate links to content assets that are being reported).

(Reporting newbie)


  • The documentation on Report Center is vague at best, but from my experience a few points:

    - ReportCenter in TeamSite 6.5 and later is based on Crystal Reports. So you would need to develop reports within Crystal Enterprise pro (not sure about the html you reference), but the report HTML output could be customized when designing the report.

    - There are 9 reports that come out of the box that you can use directly.

    - Data that is populated in the ReportCenter database is consumed from the TeamSite event subsystem. There is a detailed list of all the events that are captured in the TeamSite admin guide.

    - I don't believe some of the metrics you are looking for are captured using the current event subsystem. That doesn't mean you couldn't put the information together into your own tables, but it won't be sent automatically using the report center.

    Hope that helps a little.
  • Yeah, that pretty much concurs with what I had come up with. The issue is that what our client is calling "reporting" is more a matter of capturing a snapshot of search results at a particular time. At this point, we're looking into trying to get reporting to query the search engine instead of a database and do a quick reformat of the results to present it as a report. The tricky part is getting a custom report to call some kind of script. This sounds backwards I'm sure but the client has some other straight-forward reporting needs that are easily captured by ReportCenter and we're looking to get all these "reports" in the same interface.
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