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Location Asset Hierarchy Report Maximo

edited February 6, 2014 in Designing reports
<p>Hi All,
I am a novice to BIRT Reporting.
In Maximo, we have an out of the box BIRT report, Location Hierarchy. We would like to build a Location Asset Hierarchy Report. I did below simple things:
1. Modified the open method query to include assets by placing a simple Left outer join.
2. Added additional columns for Asset and Description in Layout. Quite a simple change.
3. It displays me the location, its associated assets level wise. Now the problem that I am facing is: Approximately from Level 7th Location, the hierarchy is repeating in undesirable manner.
E.g, Say Location at level 7 further has 2 more levels. And this location has 3 assets.
It displays the Level 7 Location, Only first asset, displays its entire hierarchy from level 7-9.
Then displays again the level 7 location, 2nd asset, repeats its hierarchy. Then displays L7 location, 3rd asset and its hierarchy.
4. The problem generally arises from level 7 locations and not for all. Just intermittently, only for few.
5. In Debug Logs, query is fired fine and just once.
6. I tried to change the Layout, to group by Location, group by Level, etc. But no luck.
7. Another performance heavy and simple approach I tried was adding simple assets data set in fetch method.
8. Which does not have the hierarchy repeat problem but it only displays me the first asset of each location and not all.
Could you please help me out here?


  • <p>I am trying to create a similar report in BIRT. I have managed to write the sql for showing the asset drill down minus the location but not sure how to display the assets in a hierarchy . Furthermore, user requests to see the output in excel to be perfectly extracted with the same amount of spacings as shown in Browser.</p>
  • <p>Sneha - Can you post your report to look at the report structure in more detail?</p>
  • Sneha/jverly01- is the location hierarchy or asset hierarchy report working for you. I am trying to create location hierarchy report in birt for maximo, it works in eclipse but not in maximo .if I enter a parent location as parameter. Out of the box location hierarchy report gives the data for all the locations. I was trying to input a parent parameter to enter a parent location. it will drill down and should give only it's children and their children. Can some one attach the rptdesign file if the report works? Thanks

  • What are you using Oracle, Sql Server or DB2?

  • Oracle DB. How to modify loc_hierarchy.rptdesign birt OOB report to input parent as a parameter. I used a different script to write a report and it works in BIRT and not in Maximo. It just displays parent record in maxim and not children.

  • I don't have access to any large hierarchies, but this report should let you pick what parent to start from.

  • Sneh, you can try the attached and modify as needed

  • Thank you wwilliams! it worked. I appreciate your help.

  • When I import the report into Maximo, only first record is displayed not the rest. It works in Birt designer but not in Maximo

  • How did you register the report? Can you try running it from the administration page?

  • I just ran the location hierarchy report from Maximo and it worked fine

  • Thank you wwilliams! it worked. I appreciate your help. The maximo version was 7.6. I copied the same code there in maximo OOB report and it worked. Sorry for the late response.

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