not able to apply custom object type


I am not able to import or check in new document with custom object type after Migration, getting error ORA-00980 : synonym translation is no longer valid.

Do you have any idea ?

Arvind Jajoo


  • What did you do as part of migration? This is Oracle error and not a Documentum error, so its probably database related.

  • Can you please tell me if you know any solution ?

  • Talk to your dba. If you don't have a dba, have you google "ORA-00980" error.

  • Do you have a TBO for your custom type? If so I assume that it tries to access a registered table which in fact points to a remote table via a synonym. Solution is recreate your synonym at the Oracle level.

  • in part of migration, we have migrate CS from solaris to linux box and then import DB from solaris to linux, after that we have upgraded our CS and repository.
    now we are able to perfrom all out of box functionality but if i import document with custom object type then i am getting this ORA error

  • @bacham3 yes we do have tbo for custom type, is thre any other way for this issue except recreate synonym or do i need to create all synonym or any specific, can you please help me ?

  • There are no synonyms used by Documentum out-of-the-box. This is your custom stuff. You need to ask your developers or whoever knows about it.

  • @bacham3 if our DBA will recreate synonym then will it useful ? i can ask with them.

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