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Need to save attribute field value from the input data of a word macro


I have a requirement of saving documentum attribute value from the user input in the word macro template.

Let me reiterate the requirement. We have a particular document type where we are using a word doc macro as template. Now there are to and from fields in the template. We are using O2 configuration to populate the data in those fields from the user input while creation of the document in the property page.

Now we have configured both way data transmission in the O2 configuration. But while the user edit the template and changes the value of to or from field the same is not getting stored into the documentum corresponding attribute values. To put it in short via the micro only one way data flow is possible yet, i.e. from documentum property page to the word macro template, but the vice versa is not possible yet.

Could some one please help with an adequate word macro template or any methodology using which we can achieve the requirement of both end data saving.

Dipayan Roy


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