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Apply Aggregation on Group Dimension Value in Birt Crosstab

prince_iamprince_iam BIRT & Oracle Developer

Dear Folks,

I am very new to birt, is it possible to apply aggregation on birt crosstab group dimension value. I want to sum the values of one of group dimension and finally display at the bottom row area of crosstab.



Database Result:

Crosstab Result:


  • Hi,

    The built-in functionality for generating totals works for the Summary values as you know. To get a total for the group (Dimension), you need to write code similar to the other thread. I attached an example (built in OS Birt).

    Jeff F.
    Sr. Technical Support Specialist
  • prince_iamprince_iam BIRT & Oracle Developer

    Dear Jeff,
    I am really amazed at your technical skill in birt, particularly javascript. I can't believe this was so simple. You are awesome :smile: Stay Blessed :blush:

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