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[DFC_BOF_CLASS_CACHE_INIT_ERROR] Failed to initialize class cache

Hi All,

We have a custom code that connects to Documentum 6.7 SP1 Server and extracts the documents depending on the query we feed. It was working as expected for some time and facing an issue recently.

While we are running the custom code it is throwing an exception "[DFC_BOF_CLASS_CACHE_INIT_ERROR] Failed to initialize class cache". The Custom code uses the Docbase Installation Owner account to connect to Documentum Content Server.

I have deleted the cache and restarted the server; still the issue persists.
Can anyone please help me with the issue ?



  • wetcatwetcat EM
    edited April 15, 2019

    Check if your application has access to dfc.data.dir (see application's dfc.properties).
    Check OS permission to all files/folders in dfc.data.dir directory.
    If you run several DFC apps in context of different OS users, make sure they use own dfc.data.dir location in dfc.properties.


  • Hi wetcat,

    I have checked the OS permission on the dfc.data.dir directory. It has the sufficient permissions.
    How to make sure different OS Users use their own dfc.data.dir location ?


  • I think you can specify user root parameter/argument that windows will replace with associated value in dfc.data.dir location. This is more a Windows function then Documentum.

  • The error from subject probably related to incompatible java version.
    Please keep in mind you have to use appropriate JDK (not JRE) version to run DFC code.

  • i faced to this issue but cleaning the dfc cache fixed the issues.

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