Metastorm Portal - 9.4 - Submit and Cancel buttons don't work in forms


I have recently installed Metastorm 9.4 and logged into the portal.

I have gotten an error 'Server method failed 'Submit' when trying to submit a simple form. The same thing happens when I try clicking Cancel.

Example errors - (found in the Console after hitting F12 in my browser)
404 Not Found - http://metastorm/eForm.aspx/StartAction
404 Not Found - http://metastorm/eForm.aspx/Submit

The portal URL used in my environment is http://metastorm/Metastorm but it tries to redirect tohttp://metastorm/eForm.aspx/Submit, therefore triggering the 404 Error.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


StartAction Failed
enter image description here


  • Hi Chris, thank you for your time. May I ask what was MBPM version you were on before? Did you upgrade by running 9.4.0 without uninstalling older version? If yes, may I ask you to try following, please?
    1. Uninstall old MBPM version
    2. Delete Metastorm folder after uninstalling older version
    3. Install 9.4
    Hope this helps.

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