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BIRT Chart functions

Hi all,
is there a function for chart Gridlines? and if so what is it?
any document to see the list of function in BIRT ?


  • jfranken
    edited April 5, 2019 #2

    For fixed gridline settings, go to the Format Chart tab and edit the X-Axis and Y-Axis poperties. Click the "Gridlines" button near the bottom to set the properties. The gridline settings can also be changed in code.

    _In the beforeDrawAxis event function, use_:

    axisOptions.gridLineWidth = 1
    axisOptions.gridLineColor = "#0000FF"

    Or in the beforeGeneration event function, use:

    options.xAxis.gridLineWidth = 1
    options.xAxis.gridLineColor = "#0000FF"

    options.yAxis[0].gridLineWidth = 1
    options.yAxis[0].gridLineColor = "#0000FF"

    Note: The beforeDrawAxis event runs for each axis which is why the X and Y aren't specified. The beforeGeneration event runs once, so the X and Y axes must both be configured.

    The reference is the Highcharts API:

    The Event Functions in the editor have parameters. If you type the name of a parameter followed by a period, the context sensitive menu will pop up showing you the methods from the Highcharts API. For example, in

    beforeGeneration: function(options),

    If you type:


    (include the trailing period)

    You will see the xAxis and yAxis objects that I used in my code:

    They can also be found in the Highcharts API:

    Jeff F.
    Sr. Technical Support Specialist
  • thanks Jeff, this is very helpful,
    What I am trying to do is a little more tricky
    I have already applied min 1 to max 6 and step interval 0.5 in chart scale X-Axis, and the Gridlines appears accordingly, how ever I was wandering if it is possible to make every 0.5 step disappear without changing any data or scale for x-Axis? this way x-Axis value shows as we want and also Axis value position stay center. but I am not sure if it is possible.

  • jfranken
    edited April 8, 2019 #4

    On the Select Data tab of the chart editor, if you set the X-Axis grouping interval to 1 as shown below, the data will be displayed in steps of 1 even if the step interval is 0.5.


    To change the X-axis labels, go to the Format Chart tab, select X-Axis on the left, and click the Label button. Set the Interval to 2. With the step set to 0.5, the labels will display every step of 1.

    Jeff F.
    Sr. Technical Support Specialist
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