Call for topics in our OpenText Developer Cast series

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OpenText Developer Cast

We want to make sure we incorporate topics relevant to our community and to do so, we are inviting you to provide ideas on topics you would like us to cover on future episodes of our podcast. 

Please add your comments below with topics and some details about the specifics you want us to cover. Also, if you have a specific person in mind you would like to participate on an episode, even better. 

We look forward to your suggestions!

Episode 1

In our first cast of the series, we explored the very basics on what is OpenText Developer. 

Interview questions included: What is it? Why was it launched? Who does it target? Why now? Who should care about this initiative? Who will benefit and how can they better leverage this initiative? What to expect from having a single place where different services are placed? Can developers use the services from all OpenText companies? Why is it that just now OpenText open ups its APIs? Is this initiative meant to help developers make more money and how? What has worked so far and what hasn't? anyway for developers to reach out and provide feedback? What is coming ahead?



  • My name is Cesar and I manage our Podcast. Looking forward to your suggestions as I want to ensure we capture and address what you wish to hear. Please send us recos on topics and maybe people you would like to see being invited. Thanks in advance!

    Cesar Vasquez | Product Marketing | OpenText

  • Karen Weir
    Karen Weir Moderator EM admin

    Great job on Episode 3 @Cesar Vasquez !

    We are still looking for suggestions on future podcast topics from the Developer Community members; let us know who you want to hear from, and/or topics that interest you most.

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