Windows Server support/upgrade path?

1) is an in place Windows Server upgrade from 2016 > 2019 allowed/supported? i.e. just upgrading the OS on our current TeamSite servers/hardware. Windows server 2016 is in extended support and we need to get off of it.

2) is there any update on when the non-cloud version of TeamSite will officially support Windows Server 2022?

thanks again!


  • Hi,

    1) What Version/build of TeamSite are you currently running on Windows 2016?

    2) We do not have a RoadMap listed for Windows Server 2022 On-Prem Support as yet but I have an inquiry in with Engineering/Product Management and will get back.

    3) FYI... TS 21.4.2 is an on-Prem Only (non-Cloud) version and supports both Windows Server 2016 and 2019.



  • Fyi... PM has informed me that though not on RaodMap they will likely look to include certification for Windows Server 2022 On-Prem. They will discuss it further in their PM calls and I will update as I get word.

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