id and user data type


In VS Code plugin, there are "user" and "id" datatypes. What is the significance of them? And how they are used.


  • The first one is the name of the user and the second one is the ID to that user name.

  • gvicari
    gvicari E Community Moderator

    Hi, the VS Code extension allows modeling types and traits which are part of the Content Metadata Service (CMS) API functionality. You can find more details of types, traits and attributes at

    If you look at the data type documentation (e.g. for the Type POST endpoint to create a new custom type), this is what you can see:

    More specifically, id and user are attribute types for a CMS Type definition allowing you to define the data type for the type instances.

    In case of id, it represents an attribute field that holds the reference (by id) to an instance of a CMS object

    In case of user it represents an attribute field that refers to a user as known by the CMS API. This is typically a user you define within your application/subscription.