how can i write dql script for creating users,groups,and set permissions for the users?where should

how can i write Dql script for creating users,groups,and setting acl permisssion to the users and where i have to run this script. i.e., should i run this on api or sql or using dfc. if possibleon dfc please give sample code of that.    

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    If you create DQL statement then you have to run it using idql utility which you can find in the Content Server's bin folder. If you create a dfc program you can run it in an system, which has dfc installed in it. If you create API script, use iapi utility which you can find in the Content Server's bin folder.


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    please could you give some sample code for writing dql script. how to save this should i run this script in idql utility.

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    1. For  creation of objects with DQL you have to use CREATE statement:

    DQL for creating users:

    create dm_user object
    set client_capability=2,
    set default_folder=’<foldername>’,
    set home_docbase=’<docbasename>’,
    user_address=’[email protected],
    set user_os_domain=’<domain>’,
    set user_name=’<username>’,
    set user_os_name=’<username>’,
    set user_privileges=0;

    DQL for creating ACLs:

    create dm_group object, set group_name = '<mygroupName>'

    DQL for creating groups:

    create dm_acl object, set object_name = 'MyACL'

    2. Create dql script:

    Save all the DQL sentences to a text file with ending .dql. (each sentence should be end with semicolon and sentence go):

    3. Run the script:

    On the server where you have content server set up run this code in prompt:

    idql32 docbasename-Uusername -Ppassword -RC:\test.dql

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    How to set user_password ?

  • create dm_user object set client_capability=8, set default_folder='/Temp', set home_docbase='DocbaseName', set user_address='[email protected]', set user_name='dctmadmin', set user_login_name='dctmadmin', set user_privileges=16, set user_state=0, set owner_def_permit=7, set world_def_permit=3, set group_def_permit=5, set user_source='inline password', set user_password='dctmadmin', set user_group_name='docu'

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