Error encrypting new docbase password


I do not know my current Docbase password. I created a new password in plain text in the dbpassword.txt file and ran dm_encrypt_password command to encrypt it.

I receive the following error.

** Operation failed **
[DM_CRYPTO_E_SHM_ATTACH_FAILED]error:  "Attaching to a shared memory segment fai

Any ideas would be a great help.


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    Are you setting the documentum environment variables prior to executing the encrypt command?  Are you explicitly giving it the keyfile, or letting it do that implicily?

    Please post your exact command, and the environment variables that are set when you run it.


  • HI,
    I am facing the same issue , when i tried to execute the command like dm_encrypt_password -docbase TestRepo -rdbms -encrypt cssaek , could you please suggest me is there any other way to resolve this issue

  • The error can happen for a number of reasons. On Windows, ensure you are launching command prompt as Administrator. On Linux, you will want to first source the $DM_HOME/bin/ to set the R_SHLIB_LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
    Also, ensure that the path to aek or CSaek is used and correct.
    dm_encrypt_password -location C:\Documentum\dba\secure\aek.key -docbase test -rdbms -encrypt ****

    Russell Kavanagh
    Documentum SME | Opentext

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