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Activity 'Edit Permissions' could not complete in the synchronous child process

Hi xCP Developers,

1. I am trying to change permission for a user on the document using Edit Permissions in a Stateless process. When i debug using dmadmin, i do not find any issues. But when i login to the application as a user i get the following exception.


Activity 'Edit Permissions' could not complete in the synchronous child process:com.documentum.bps.editpermissions.outbound.runtime.EditPermissionsException: Error occurred while saving the object: Activity: Edit Permissions

2. Any suggestions on how i could change the owner permission on the document ?


N Raghavendra


  • Have you solved the error E_ECM_PROCESS_STATELESSPROCESS_FAILED ? If so, can you tell me how?

  • A user cannot change permissions a document that he/she is not the document owner of. Docbase_owner (or any other superuser) is the exception to this rule. I though that you could configure activity to run "as docbase owner", which would solve this.

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