Courier sending emails to already registered users

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I see a strange behavior in Courier: once I add myself to the template designer role, or the case creator role, I get email messages that I was invited to Courier. We should suppress those messages once the user has a login, otherwise we will create confusions.

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  • salmaosamasalmaosama Salma Osama
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    Thanks for the clarification. I've raised the following issue: COURIER-1281 to Engineering with your enhancement suggestion.

    Please mark this question as answered if you don't have any further questions regarding this.


  • salmaosamasalmaosama Salma Osama
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    The email message acts as a notification to the user that he has been assigned a new role as in the following screenshot:

    courier notification.JPG.jpg

    So it's not just an invitation email, it also includes information about the new role assigned.


  • AjayAjay EM mod
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    Could you elaborate on the questions below:

    The system sends email to user notifying that (s)he is added to a new role. You mentioned that we should suppress the message.

    1. Do you mean that user should NOT be notified?

    2. If you believe a email notification is needed, what's your recommendation on the subject and content of the email?

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    I would expect the fact that we know that the user is already in Courier, maybe just send an email that there is a new role assigned to them instead of the generic invitation email.

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