Courier - no "to do" view for case creators?

peterrobertpeterrobert Peter RobertEM
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This is as suggestion.

We're just working through a New Hire Hands On lab.

While I'm the case creator and logged in, I see all Portfolios and Folios, and I see "9 Pending", although in my role (being part of a certain reviewer and submitter role) I would only have to take action on 6 of the Folios (e.g. submit Job Descriptions, etc.)

It would be a real improvement if I could see where I, as role participant, have to take action, not only for review, but also for submitting content.

When I create the case, there's nothing to review, but some of the portfolios or folios need to be submitted by my role.

Instead of e.g. have a "View" button on each Folio, it would be good to see something like "Needed from <role name>" or "waiting for review by <role name>"

This is only in case of the Case Creator.


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  • salmaosamasalmaosama Salma Osama
    edited June 9, 2016 Accepted Answer

    I have created an enhancement request with your suggestion: COURIER-1269.


  • peterrobertpeterrobert Peter Robert EM
    edited June 9, 2016

    Reply to self: I just see the External Contributor view, which has pretty much what I thought of.

    Except this is apparently not available to internal roles, who also have to act as "contributors", in the form of submit.

    So enhancing this a bit in the way of "To Do - Submit" and "To Do - Review", etc. would help to structure the oversight.

  • salmaosamasalmaosama Salma Osama
    edited June 10, 2016

    Please mark this thread as answered if you don't have any further questions regarding this.


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