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I Created case template with payroll role and case instance

The user [email protected] in payroll role cant upload documents.

The document is loaded to 90%+ and then I get error message


the case owner can upload documents to these portfolios

the workflow setting for the portfolio


also has same error

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    Hi Ari,

    This is a tricky one for us to prioritize today given the fact that it is only gmail a few webmail providers that support using '+' within an email address.

    We are looking into the effort of supporting 'less common' special characters and based on that we will either add support for '+' or restrict email addresses from having a '+' altogether in order to avoid this error.

    If '+' becomes more broadly used (beyond gmail and webmail in general and into Exchange, Domino, Novel..) then we will up the priority on this regardless of the technical complexity to make it happen.

    Please do reach out if you see this as causing issues with prospects or customers and we can try and take that into account.


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    Please carry out the operation again but this time with debug tool switch on to see the error

    if you are using chrome:

    Chrome DevTools | Web Tools - Google Developers

    if you are using ff:

  • AriAri
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    This happens for users who have + sign in the email address.

    Tested with another user without + in email address also in payroll role. The upload works ok.

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    Hello Ari,

    We tried to test in house but we couldnt get an email with + sign as its not permitted with most of the mail providers.

    I just wonder is this business requirement to use email address with + sign ??

  • AjayAjay EM mod
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    Thanks for the tip.

    We are able to replicate this issue internally and the tracker number is COURIER-1273.

    To 's comment, we would like to know if this is business requirement where several users have '+' in their email ID or an isolated use case?

  • AriAri
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    I don't know how typical this is for customers having '+' in the email id.

    We found this only because we were using this gmail trick to have multiple users in Courier using same gmail account...

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    Hi Team,

    email addresses are allowed to have the + sign.

    RFC 5322 - Internet Message Format

    If we want to have a product that doesn't have issues with all kind of (on the first sight) strange email addresses we should stick with the standard.

    It says that these chars are allowed.:

    ALPHA = Printable US-ASCII characters not including specials. Used for atoms.

    This is the list they specify for the part on the left of the @ sign.

    ALPHA / DIGIT / "!" / "#" / "$" / "%" / "&" / "'" / "*" / "+" / "-" / "/" / "=" / "?" / "^" / "_" / "`" / "{" / "|" / "}" / "~"


  • nkingnking EM
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    I agree, I have an email address that starts with a number and that's not allowed as of today either.

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