Customer is unable to run CCT and we think it is due to security protocols in his env

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When SNAP is trying to connect to the Cloud Capture Toolkit they are getting the attached error message. The customer's environment is locked down pretty tight so that is why we are thinking it is a security issue.

CCT Error Screenshot.jpg

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    Issue resolved. The Cloud Runtime service was running but somehow the s/w was not installed.


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    Could you check whether Cloud capture runtime was downloaded properly on your desktop and running as service. Its typically under C:\Program Files (x86)\EMC Captiva\Captiva Cloud Runtime

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    EMC Product Manager was on call with customer and found that CCT has been downloaded, is installed and running as a service.

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    Hi JeffP,

    Converted this discussion into SR# 79946616 as we require a more detailed investigation. We also have some related Jiras that are SNAP-749 and WEBCAP-1208.


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