404 Error when conducting Courier Demos

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I have discovered the following 404 errror message when conducting demos in Courier. During the demo it is necessary to swap between an internal and external user to show the work streams for both participants. The error tends to appear during this process although it is intermittent. The below screen can be found by completing the following in Chrome::


1. Settings.

2. More Tools.

3. Developer Tools.

4. Console.

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    Thanks for all the details. I have reported the issue to Engineering with all the information provided.

    Issue number: COURIER-1305


  • salmaosamasalmaosama Salma Osama
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    A similar issue was previously reported to Engineering. I'm checking with them for more information.

    When you restart your browser after getting this error, are you able to access Courier normally?

    For now, you can use 2 different browsers (or have one of the browser sessions incognito) to be able to swap between users with no issues.

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    Hi, many thanks for your reply.

    Here are my answers to your question.

    Q. When you restart your browser after getting this error, are you able to access Courier normally?

    A. The error is very intermittent. Sometimes it will allow me access after a reboot and other times it will not. I have used explorer and chrome swapping between both and the error still appears but not always. I have also waited for an extended period between logging out and in to separate accounts to give the system time to adjust but this doesn't appear to be the issue. I have also tried 'incognito' but again, this does not appear to solve the issue.

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    Hi again.

    I have found a work around for this as a short term solution. If you try to log in to Courier and get the 404 error as described above, you should do the following:

    1. Close the explorer or chrome page completely.

    2. Type Leap.emc.com into the browser and log into your dashboard.

    3. From here click on the courier app logo.

    This should now take you into where you left off and all previous saves should have been completed.

    I hope this helps.

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