LEAP Register Error if user name contains an Apostrophe

AngeleireAngeleire Angel BlazquezEM mod
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Customers may get the error:

"The email or password you entered is incorrect." when trying to register under a name containing an Apostrophe.

Current workaround appears to be to remove the Apostrophe from the name. i.e José --> Jose and try to register again.

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  • salmaosamasalmaosama Salma Osama
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    Thanks for the clarification. I have reported the issue to Engineering under tracking number MC-710.


  • salmaosamasalmaosama Salma Osama
    edited June 17, 2016


    Can you please clarify if you're facing this issue with all special characters?

    Are you referring to the Apostrophe character " ' " in general or to French characters such as in the example provided "é" ?


  • AngeleireAngeleire Angel Blazquez EM mod
    edited June 17, 2016

    Hi Salma,

    My customer was Spanish and I think a customer in Sweden had the same issue yesterday so it may be related to all Apostrophes.

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