SNAP: Unable to create standard templates in recognition designer

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Hello Everybody,

We are trying to create a new (standard) template using the template wizard. The creation itself is no problem.

Once testing it the three samples are set as "to confirm".

We even tested it with other images: same issue.

The samples are the four EMC dentalclaims images.

Creating a textmatch or hpa template works fine,but this is not what we want, we want a standard template



ps: In Captiva we can make standard templates with the same samples and conditions

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    I Checked it and it seems to be resolved with 16.9.14.

    I quickly created a new template with the new template dispatcher wizard, made the templates, did a classification test a had a correct match in the classification.


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    Hi Giliam,

    how many images did you use in creating your template? Try it with at least 10 images. Please let us know if this will help you.

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    Yes, we have used about 16 images (tiff). All analyzed with the image analyzer to be of good quality.

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    Correct - the algorithm only creates a template if it has enough samples to work from since it has to identify enough unique pixel commonality across the breadth to justify its creation. 10 is usually a good number that seems to work but the more samples the better.

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    Captiva has two methods for creating templates automatically....there is the Advanced Learning Wizard which creates templates ideally from hundreds of disparate samples that are not corresponding to one another.

    The other method is called 'New Template...' by right clicking in the classification view template list area in designer.  This requires the same image types and will not create a template unless it deems them to be similar enough.  If you are not getting a template created using this method I would be happy to take a look at the images and test myself because it seems the algorithm is not finding enough commonality between the images you are providing.  You also might try HPA method which is usually better for this type of thing.  I can be reached directly at [email protected]

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    Hi ,

    Support was able to recreate the same issue that you ran into where new standard templates will always return status of "To Confirm". We have submitted SNAP-1191 to engineering for further review.


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    Thanks for your help.

    You are right, best way in this situation is to create an HPA, but in Snap one can only add one anchor and this is not robust enough.

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    Gilliam – I have added 3 or more anchors in my Snap project per template. To add another anchor simply press the anchor button in the upper left and draw another anchor.

    This is the exact same functionality as in standard Designer and they did not remove or regress it. Look at Wren Down template that comes with Default – it has 2 anchors.

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    Hi ,

    Please check with the latest version of SNAP Designer for a fix for this issue with creating standard templates in Recognition Designer. The latest version of SNAP Designer is 16.9.14.


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