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Expiring dates on my subscriptions are not rounding correctly....

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    This issue reported under AC-895 has been fixed. Expiration is showing correctly.

    Please let us know if there any questions.


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    i can produce the same on my account.

    I am engaging the product team COURIER-1557

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    While this is being investigated, in the mean time if go to your Admin Center under 'Your Subscriptions' you should see the proper date format.

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    I use the below link and I don't see the issue.


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    same here... I see the issue for SNAP ,the expiration is listed as 105.04166666666666

    for courier , it listed as 1284



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    please use below code

    var a= moment('2020-03-23', [dateFormat], true)

    var  b =moment('2016-09-22', [dateFormat], true)

    var numberOfDaysDiffer = a.diff(b, 'days')

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