Duplicate cabinets displayed in Express Document List

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Express Document List duplicated cabinets and folders in D2.  After reinstalling D2 REST services, the issue was resolved.

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    Few clarifications:

    • The users see duplicate cabinets listed ( not folders).
    • This happens only in Mobile Express. D2 doesn't show any duplication
    • This was resolved by re-starting/clearing the cache and work files of the tomcat instance where D2 Rest was installed. No uninstall, re-install of D2 Rest was done
    • Since it is not happening now I cannot get the screenshot


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    Hi ,

    Do you have any logs or screen shots you can supply to us for further review? So when the issue was occurring, users could see duplicate cabinets and folders in Express Mobile app but in D2 everything looked normal? Then after uninstalling D2 Rest and reinstalling, the issue was resolved and the folders and cabinets matched up again?

    Or did users see duplicate cabinets and folders in both D2 and Express mobile app at same time and was resolve by uninstalling D2 Rest and reinstalling? Can you please clarify?


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    Hi ,

    Appreciate the clarifications to my questions. I started another private discussion with you detailing how to generate an Express Mobile app log file from directly within the app. Have you had a chance to review that discussion as well and send me a log file from approximately the time the duplicate folder issued occurred?

    Do you recall what if any actions you were performing in the Express app at the time that may be linked to this duplication issue? If so, try to do the same actions as before to try to recreate then relay details to support for our local recreation?

    Any further exact details or steps on what was done to clear this up would be appreciated. Lastly was the "Clear Application Cache" ever tapped on in the Express Mobile app settings, or logged out of the app and back in and still was able to see the duplication of folders?


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    Logout and clear application cache was performed multiple times on Express app. That didn't resolve the problem.

    I have uploaded the express log as requested by others in different discussion threads ( all express related). I can send you the same log files if you want.

    I am not able to reproduce this anymore no matter what I do. If it happens again I will definitely reach out to you.


    Suresh Koirala

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    Hi Suresh,

    I have updated Engr with you comments. Please await further feed back.

    Warm Regards


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    Hi ,

    No need for the Express logs now since it is not happening and most likely they won't contain anything related. However, if this does happen again, please take note of the most recent actions that were carried out in the Express Mobile app around the time of the cabinet duplication. Collect the Express logs and along with the details of the actions performed that may be related to the issue, and open another discussion or SR and attach.


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    HI ,

    Have you seen this issue again or able to reproduce? If not, then I am gong to recommend that we mark this discussion as closed and then start another discussion if you ever run into this again. Please remember to forward logs and details of what actions were being performed in the Express app at the time of the issue.


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