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Is it possible to prepopulate a template in Courier with Documents.

Let us assume that i want to create a template "Contracts", and one of the subfolios always contains our "Terms and Conditions" and some marketing material. Instead of adding this to each case instance I would like to have that in the template so that it is automatically contained once I create a case instance.

is that possible?

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    I would like to draw your attention that we dont have this feature implemented yet, however,  I have created a feature request for this COURIER-1604.


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    Can you please confirm the customer name ?

    A possible workaround for this issue is to do so through courier APIs. Once the APIs released you can create your own listener and add documents to every newly created case based on your criteria.

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    this is actually not for a customer directly, but for a use case we want to present at the Momentum Barcelona

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    Hi Stefan !

    We really like this idea, we've been working on integrating this 'pre-populating' of documents into specific folios at the time of case creation for a couple weeks now and it is part of our planned releases for Q4 (late November to early Dec)

    This will probably not be available by Momentum however.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that we are currently considering to pre-load documents at the case creation time and not at template creation time.

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