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Hello Everybody,

Is there a way to export the logs containing the whole discussion/comments of a Courier-case.

This will be legally enforced in 2018 when collaborating on a case.

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    We have an existing feature request  (COURIER-1393 ) to track this requirement. LEAP team is working on it, the ETA is early November.

    COURIER-1393 - When a user downloads a case as zip, the zip file should include the folio comments and folio history in XML and/OR JSON format

    If you have any  follow questions, we are happy to assist. Otherwise, please mark this discussion as answered.




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    Hello Gilliam,

    For now we have only the option to export the entire documents of specific. So you need to also add the ability ti export the distinctions such as the rejection comments  ?

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    Any comment made in the collaboration proces should be logged (user, timestamp, related document/folio, comment)

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    Thanks for posting your question.

    Can you please elaborate on the requirement and following comment as well: This will be legally enforced in 2018 when collaborating on a case.

    Few questions

    • In which industry/vertical is this compliance required?
    • Can you provide the customer name requesting this? (if applicable)
    • Could you please include some details/references/links to this requirement?



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    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Giliam van Baalen | Consultant

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