Courier: How to: Rename the first and last name of a user in the admin center

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Hello Everybody,

The title says it all: how can I rename the first and last name of a user in courier.

For testing purposes the user was "Leap 1".

You've Been Invited to Courier

Hi 1, You've been invited to Courier as a Template Designer. You may now create new case templates.

I want to change it and this does not work:

There's no edit option (edit name user)

There's no delete option (delete user).

It also seems that once user has been created it is also pushed to other subscriptions

Thanks for your help.

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    This is a known issue and our internal bug tracking number is MTS-193

    Although we don't have an ETA at the moment, we are currently investigating this problem and will keep you posted.




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    Hello Gilliam,

    We are experiencing the same behavior. We are investigating that and will update the thread accordingly.

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