Will there be any training program for LEAP apps development ?

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Will there be any training program for LEAP apps development ?

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    Hi ,

    Our goal is to provide a complete developer experience, with a

    • developer center
    • API’s
    • API documentation
    • tutorials and
    • sample applications

    To make it very easy for any developer to sign up, get access to an account, build their app and run it.  It is meant to be so easy to do that we won’t require formal training programs for developing Leap apps.  Why? Because we won’t throw a bunch of developer tools, languages and frameworks at developers that they have to use to build their apps.

    They build their apps using whatever tools and languages they want and are accustomed to, and they run it wherever they want. The only requirement we have is that they call our LEAP API’s if they want to use our services, and the documentation for that will be very straightforward.



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    LEAP apps are developed & designed by ECD engineers and Product Managers.

    Are you referring to software development to integrate LEAP apps with other ECD products (Captiva, xCP) or 3rd party software (Alfresco, Sharepoint)?

    To help us provide you better information, please elaborate your requirements and training request?



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    My question was more about EMC roadmap. For example - Salesforce created a platform and let customers customize the solutions as per customer requirement. Salesforce did not create any apps for the customers , they provide customization training for customers.  Is EMC going along the same route as Salesforce has done where you create a app ecosystem and let the clients/partner/customer create apps and use the EMC app market place to use them .  Or everything has to be done by EMC and EMC professional services on LEAP platform .



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    Hi @Yulya,

    Currently there is no platform within LEAP similar to what Salesforce has concerning customization training and an EMC app market place. The training will come in the form of published guides, and API documentation.


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