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Want to check lockbox status. What are the commands to check lockbox status?

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    The recommended way to check lockbox from D2 is

         Login to D2 – View > help > about – Make sure D2-Api-Server – Version is available.

    Although there are commands to create lockbox, I believe there isn't a manual command to check the lockbox status.

    The lockbox verification occurs during runtime. We recommend tailing or checking the JMS log upon startup. If you see a message below, it typically indicates a lockbox issue

    D2-JMS property in D2 lockbox is empty or not defined

    1. java.lang.Exception: Error: -9 LockBox::in      itLockbox : The Lockbox stable value threshold was not met because the system fingerprint has       changed. To reset the system fingerprint, open the Lockbox using the passphrase.

    Another symptom is that when you login to D2, you see an error "Impossible to decrypt the method server response"

    If you have a specific lockbox issue, please post your error message or problem description (preferably on a new post). We would be glad to assist.




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