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Replace feature fails

edited March 8, 2017 in Leap


I need to use LEAP Courier feature "Replace" to upload a new content file into an existing document.

Unfortunately, Replace feature always fails with the following error message :

"File with this extension cannot be uploaded"


I tested with lots of different file type/extension (.docx, .pdf, .jpg, etc) and documents created manually or throught Courier APIs : result is always the same.

Can anyone confirm/infirm this behavior?


Best Answer

  • edited March 8, 2017 Accepted Answer

    Hi Ahmed,

    You're right, LEAP Courier only allow to replace a document by a file having the same extension.

    I also have a related issue with contentless document (placeholder) I create using LEAP Courier APIs. This is somehow related since a contentless document has no extension, and I'd like to replace it with a file having an extension ; so extension doesn't match.

    May I ask you if you would like to raise a defect / feature request for that?



  • edited March 6, 2017

    HI Mittau,

    I have tested and it only allowed me to replace with the same extension. Can you please let me know let me know if its the scenario you are facing ? Please try to replace with a document with the same extension. 

  • edited March 8, 2017

    Hi Benoit,

    I have created the following feature request COURIER-2043. I will mark this thread as answered.

  • edited March 8, 2017

    Thanks Ahmed

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