Is it possible to connect Express to platform via DCTM ResT?

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Just like using D2 REST with the tunneling agent to connect EXPRESS and D2, is it possible to connect to platform using DCTM REST? Has anyone tried it? The use case is just to surface content in platform to EXPRESS.

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    I am the Product Manager for LEAP Express.  Native integration with DCTM REST is on our roadmap.  I do not have a date for availability yet, but it would be great if you could share the complete use case.  Is it simple content access?  Review and Approve workflow use case?  Search and retrieve?  Content creation?  Something else? 


    Justin Bettencourt

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    Hi ,

      To confirm your question, are you asking if it is it possible for an application to use the same tunneling service mechanism to connect thru the LEAP Cloud to back end DCTM REST Services in a similar manner as Leap Express app may be configured to use tunneling service to connect thru LEAP Cloud to back end D2 REST service? Will you elaborate more on what you mean by  "just to surface content in platform to EXPRESS"?


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    Hi jmiyatake

    Thanks for the response.

    YES to your first part of the question.

    We are working with a large DCTM customer (they own platform, E&E) through a global partner. They are interested in EXPRESS as it addresses their mobile needs. But they also understand that current EXPRESS integration is for D2 through D2 REST. The question is they do anything to use DCTM Platform ResT instead of the D2 as they have CP solution which is based on WDK. The expectation at this point - is it doable? does needed custom work?



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    Hi ,

      Given that the Leap Express app is a lightweight D2 companion mobile app based on the D2 REST API as you stated, any Express integration with DCTM REST would need to be some major customization if even possible at all. On the LEAP roadmap there will eventually be support for other custom apps to use the LEAP Cloud for authentication and tunneling services but is currently only available for EXPRESS.

    Hope this helps,,,

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    Probably best if you logged a ticket or we scheduled a call but if I understood correctly you want to connect to LEAP Cloud with REST. To cover basics first, to interact with D2 and D2 Config will need to make D2FS REST Services calls, now in this case yes there is tunnel agent to connect to leap cloud. Regarding " The question is they do anything to use DCTM Platform ResT instead of the D2 as they have CP solution which is based on WDK", with CP and WDK aside you can use D2FS REST calls but for leap cloud not sure how can workaround tunneling agent.  You can send me an email [email protected] to provide you d2fs rest samples which can be a good starting point.  Thanks.

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    Hello Mourtazo & Justin

    Thanks for the responses.

    What we have done so far is - customer has seen EXPRESS app as in current state. Based on that their initial expectation as outlined by the partner is to leverage the view/review/approval of documents for the mobile use case. Note the partner is engaged in the process of rolling out Capital Projects + Supplier Exchange along with Documentum SAP Connectors for the customer and this mobile use case need is being explored on whether EXPRESS can be leveraged in its current state or is it a major custom work. I have requested the partner for as much details as possible and waiting for their response. Justin I will keep you in loop (via email) once there is traction



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