Create REST Data Set from report parameter

Hello everyone,

does anyone of you know how to create a Data Set, based on a REST Data Source, with a 'dynamic' query?
And by 'dynamic' I mean that I want the Data Set query to be set by a report parameter.
For example:
My Data Source is an OTCS connected via REST.
And I want to create a Data Set, based on that Data Source, which contains the info from the Enterprise Workspace (e.g. my query is "nodes/2000"). Which works fine.
Now I also want my report to be able to show data from my Personal Workspace (query for the Data Set would be "nodes/2004"). Since I can't create a Data Set for every possible node, I want a Data Set with the query "nodes/". Therefore I tried to modify my query via property bindings and also setting a Script to beforeOpen of the Data Set. Both results in an error (tried property bindings with "nodes/2000" and the script with "this.queryText = nodes/2000", to get at least a result).
Can someone of you help me with this?
I'm quite new to the Analytics Designer and hence not familiar with the correct usage.
Thanks a lot and kind regards,


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