Error when changing language users setting

Hi there,

I'm in Ihub Administration and I want to change the language setting of a user. The setting is grayed out, but I can still change it. When I do so and I click save I'm asked to confirm the change. When I click OK I get an error:

3063: The specified operation is not valid under external registration.

Any idea why I get this error and how I do can change the language setting?

Thanks in advance!



  • Hi bad_robot,

    What version of the iHub are you utilizing?

    You are using RSSE of some sort. Are you using the OOTB LDAP adapter or your own custom RSSE?

    The language and timezone are unable to be changed via the iHub Administration as the properties are assumed to be built into your RSSE to be obtained from your LDAP or Active Directory. There was some discussion on the language and timezone being excluded from the external properties, but I am not finding the end result of this discussion. If I could get your iHub version, I could compare with our latest version to confirm.

    I believe a workaround would be to use custom coded IDAPI to set the timezone and language. Is this something you'd like to look into?

    Jeffrey Neneman


    Jeffrey Neneman

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