ACTUATE BIRT: generated PDF-File with "A graphics error has occurred"


Desktop PC Version:
Actuate BIRT Designer Professional, Version: 11.0.4, Build id: 20121023.

Server Version:
Actuate iServer-System 11 Service Pack 4 Fix 5 (Build 110F150328).

By running locally one Actuate Birt Report with output Format PDF, it works fine on the Desktop PC and the generated PDF-File is ok, it has only 1 page, with 2 Tables, 2 graphics, 2 Tables and 2 graphics on it.

But on the Server, by open the generated PDF-File with Adobe Reader it Shows the following:
Page 1: 2 tables ok
Page 2: empty and the message "A graphics error has occurred" (German: "Es ist ein Grafikfehler aufgetreten") appears
Page 3: 2 tables ok
Page 4: empty
Page 5: empty.

Please, do you have an idea,
a) what could be the problem?
b) how can I get more Details about the Problem?

Thank you.

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    we are currently migrating from Actuate iServer 11 to Actuate iHub 16 and we will try to solve this issue in the new Environment.
    Thank you.


  • Could you please tell me, if the category "other Software Products" is correct for this "Actuate iServer 11" question?
    If not,
    a) which should be the corresponding category?
    b) how can i move the question to the correct category?

    Thank you.

  • Could you please tell me, which category (or Discussion Forum) should be better for questions about the following OpenText Products:

    • Actuate iServer 11
    • Actuate Birt Designer Professional
    • Actuate e.Report Designer Professional

    Thank you.

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  • generated PDF-File??

    I would recommend to check

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