streamserve - repeat a txtblock depending of xmlin values and fill the page with other txtblock


I'm working with streamerve 5.6.2.

In the attached files:
•xml.txt (the xml used in de xmlin)
•expected result.doc (the expected pdf)
•storyteller.doc (my storyteller so far)

One part of the page is a LEG part and the other part is the VOR part, the VOR part are the tickets printed with all same layout.
I have a xmlin with "block_A/tickets", that is the amount of tickets that must be printed over the serveral pages.
Now I have a repeater over block_A and block_B, that for the LEG part. I make a text block with the dimensions of a A4 page. For each block a new page will be printed. I think so far it's good.
But for the VOR part, I have a repeater that loop over the ticket amount with the following script:

num i;

$Tickets = msggetvalue("block_A/tickets");
log(4,"$Tickets = " + $Tickets);

for( i = 1; i <= num($Tickets); i++)
$vorderingen[arraysize($vorderingen)] = i;

I used the $vorderingen as variable on the xpath on the repeater
The problem is that it don't loop over all the tickets.

Another thing that I try was to count each time 7 VOR and calculate again (total amount - 7,....) but that did not work either.

can someone help me?



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