how can i access specific cell in a table by having another cell with in the row?


i have an employee table in that i have job_title and employee number columns.
when the user dynamically logged in with job_title through i hub i can access his job_title using script.


how can i get access the employee number of that specific job_title ?

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    The issue is resolved by using the above solution which is mentioned by Jeff. Thanks for your help.


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    It sounds like you headed down the wrong path. Normally the user logs in with a unique username and that value is returned by get("ServerUserName"). Also, the relationship between job title and employee ID is one-to-many and the number is constantly changing so it's difficult to imagine a scenario where you would have multiple employee number columns. How do you know which one to get?

    Having said that, you can put this code in the onCreate of a table row to get the column value:

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