Some of the OCX calls are not working

Using the imaging for windows developers kit requires the use of the License check call method.

In order to activate the Imaging for Windows 4.0 program interface (OCX) for use in your program, the licenseCheck() method must be added to that program to verify the license file. For the trial period this verification does not need to address an actual license file. A null (“”) parameter will satisfy this validation function for the trial period but the licenseCheck() method must exist in your code. If a number from 1-14 is returned from this method, it will signify that the Imaging for Windows 4.0 validation has been satisfied and the Imaging for Windows 4.0 OCX has been activated for the duration of your program’s execution. This return code also signifies the amount of days remaining in you Imaging for Windows trial. If you receive a return code of “0” either the trial period has end or there is another issue with your LicenseCheck() method that has caused it to fail.

If the Imaging for Windows licensecheck() method has not been called or if validation fails (return code=0), key Imaging for Windows OCX calls will fail . NOTE: not all OCX calls will fail and the OCX calls that fails will not return an error message that indicates that this failure is due to the licensecheck() method. You will need to check the licenseCheck() method return code.

When you purchase the Imaging for Windows 4.0 Developer Resources package you will received a unique license file registered to your company. The fully qualified path of the location of this license file will need to be the parameter of the LicenseCheck() method. Similar to the trial, if the LicenseCheck() method receive a positive verification, the Imaging for Windows 4.0 program interface (OCX) will be activated for the duration of that program’s execution. A”-1” is returned from the method to indicate a positive verification occurred. A “0” will be returned if the validation failed.

For additional information on the licensecheck() method search for subject: licensecheck() in the OCX help file (Imgocxd.chm). Also refer to the “Unlocking the Controls with a Developer License Code File” section which is on page 10 of the Imaging for Windows®Developer’s Guide (DevGuide.PDF).

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