License for the Development Kit during The trial period

edited June 25, 2018 in Product Licensing

The Imaging for Windows 4.0 Development Kit requires that you use the license check method in your code and a license file in order to make the OCX's work. But you don't get a license file when you download the trial.

To use the trial version of The Imaging for Windows 4.0 Development Kit, you need to use the licensecheck( ) Method and a license file. During the trial you can use a blank text file named imaging.lic.

The return code you get in the license Check Method will be the number of days you have left in your trial, starting with 14 and counting down to 0. Once you reach 0, your trial is over and you will need to purchase a license to continue using The Imaging For Windows 4.0 Development Kit

See:Some OCX calls are not working for more information about the LicenseCheck Method

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