Imaging for Windows defined

edited June 25, 2018 in Product Licensing

Imaging for Windows has two main functions

  1. The out-of-the-box applications - Imaging, Imaging Preview and Flow
  2. The program interfaces (OCX) to develop image based applications

With Imaging for Window 4.0 the product was separated into two offers to target these specific customer needs

  1. Imaging for Windows (full Application)*

When installed Imaging, Imaging Preview and Flow applications will be available from the Windows program menu for the Window user to access and use.

  1. Imaging for Windows Developer resources

When installed will not create a group in the Windows program menu. It will not install the Imaging, Imaging Preview and Flow application executables. It will install the Imaging for Windows program interfaces (OCX) to allow custom programs to access the Imaging for Windows functions.

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