Birt report with marklogic database


I am trying to generate BIRT with marklogic as database. Authentication is set in marklogic as 'Digestbasic'.

I have both open source BIRT eclipse as well as Actuate eclipse tool (BIRT Designer Professional) in order to generate report.

But I am not able to generate report using the same as I am not able to pass authentication.

Can you please suggest, how to proceed with authentication.


  • When you say "I am not able to pass authentication" I am assuming you are trying to say you are unable to connect to your Marklogic database. How are you making the connection, what kind of driver are you using?

    Also to update you Analytics professional designer is expected to work with any JDBC 2.0 Type 2, 3 and 4 compliant database drivers.
    However, note that the use of JDBC-ODBC bridge drivers is explicitly not recommended or supported.

  • I am using scripted data source and calling marklogic url directly. Not using any driver for DB connection in this case. I am not sure if any connectivity driver is needed when using scripted data source.

  • I don't know much about MarkLogic, what does the URL return? Please share your report if you can.

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