Important message to TeamSite, LiveSite, and OpenDeploy community.

Today we are pleased to announce another community release for docker support (version 3). As part of this enhancement now applying the patch and upgrade from a previously created container using Docker Orchestration scripts provided by OpenText for TeamSite, LiveSite, and OpenDeploy. We support 16.2 and 16.3 containerization using provided automation scripts. This release marks our third release of docker support for TeamSite, LiveSite, and OpenDeploy.

Please join us on this journey and contribute by engaging on a special focus forum: TeamSite, LiveSite, and OpenDeploy - Docker. To obtain the automation for Docker, log in to MySupport, navigate to Product>OTDN>Web Content Management (TeamSite)>TeamSite, LiveSite, OpenDeploy> Docker Automation>16.3 or Product>OTDN>Web Content Management (TeamSite)>TeamSite, LiveSite, OpenDeploy> Docker Automation>16.2.”

Experience Studio Beginer Questions

Is there an Admin Guide for Experience Studio?

What log does Experience Studio use? I converted an Area to a Project, but it can't display the contents and says refer to the log for errors.

Also can a Project be Deleted if it is created incorrectly? I don't see any option for removing a project, or info on where Project configurations are held.

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  • Thanks both helpful answers.

  • Can't get to that link. I'm getting the permissions error even though I'm logged in.

    Access Error
    Please make sure you are logged into an OpenText product first before attempting to access the online help pages.

  • edited August 15

    You need to login in TeamSite box and click on help icon.

    It work for me.

    Along with the log files Andy mention, you can check

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