am i using library incorrectly?

I would like to use a library as a common source for some of the report elements.
Unfortunately, my derived reports do not update automatically when I change something in the underlying library file. I did 'refresh' on all the files.
A good example would be:
1) my library file has a chart element (line plot)
2) I create two reports that use the library's element. All renders well and as expected.
3) Then I change library's line chart to a bar chart. My expectation that the previously derived reports (.rptdesign) would auto-update and render a bar charts this time. However this does not happen. Initial line plot is still rendered. I did a refresh on all of the related files.

Is the birt's library intended to work in a different way than I am expecting?

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    If you edit the chart, then it no longer links to the library object. That might be what happened in this case. The attached screenshot shows how to refresh the link simply by selecting the chart and clicking the icon.

    Note that you cannot edit the library element and the element on the report and have both sets of changes reflected on the report. The Designer has no way to know which edit to apply when the two edits conflict. That's why it severs the library link when you edit the element on the report.

    Jeff F.
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