how to setup Hardware (F5) load balancing for webtop 6.7 SP2

Hi All,

We have a requirement to setup webtop 6.7 SP 2 on Hardware (F5) load balancer. Is there any document available kindly share?



  • You just need to enable sticky sessions on F5 to load balance WT.

  • Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for your quick response !
    Is there any setting required for ucf content transfer at webtop end? Kindly suggest.


  • UCF transfer requires JRE on the browser side. I believe the newer version of Webtop has non-JRE option, but it requires browser extensions.

  • Hi Ram,

    Besides the sticky session as per Johnny's comment, It is also possible cookie timeout value need to adjust accordingly in the LB server, make sure the JSESSIONID cookie not getting removed by the LB server.

    Hope it helps,


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