Demo Toolbox 16.4 xCelerator for xCP

Do you have infoamtion on where from OpenText can the Demo Toolbox 16.4 be purchased and how much? I got information that 16.4 is no longer free.

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  • I dont have answer to this question, but IMHO, I think this is wrong. The concept of xcelerators was for the community to share code that would facilitate the inclusion of new features that product did not have at that time. To charge for this instead of rolling into the product itself sounds like they are double dipping.

  • Agreed. The Demo box should be open and shared free of costs with contribution from both OpenText xCP product development and also the Developer community.

  • I just tried to use DemoToolBox in 16.4 . I got it working after removing the jars. So only widgets & javascript I kept.
    It seems java modules are not supported any more inhere.
    I only needed html editor anyway :smile:, no problem for me

  • @KarelG What is the application server you are using for deployment? in weblogic this demotoolbox not working even after removing the jars

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