Implementing an EIS Connector in Process Platform 16.3

I'm using the Process Platform 16.3 Entity Modeling Guide to implement an EIS connector. I'm trying to implement the get method of the repository provider class, but the documentation does not provide detailed information on how to construct a EISEntityRow. From the doc: "add all EISEntityRowColumn objects to a list and add that list to the EISEntityRow object." In this step, I need to know what data type the list should be and the field name of EISEntityRow at which the list should be added. Does anyone know where I can find this information? Thank you.


  •     //get the details from external service by passing primary key details.
                Sprint sprint = JiraClosedSprintService.getSprint(authorization, MIMEType, teamDetails);
        //Create EISEntityRow instance
                EISEntityRow eisEntityRow = new EISEntityRow();     
       //Create list of columns
           List<EISEntityRowColumn> totalColumns = new ArrayList<EISEntityRowColumn>();
      // Add column name and value to EISEntityRowColumn
        EISEntityRowColumn idCol = new EISEntityRowColumn();
        repeat for all properties ----------
       // set columns to EISEntityRow
        // return eisEntityRow object
        return eisEntityRow;
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