convert login ID in uppercase

I want to add a block of code on login ID so whenever user enters login Id (no matter whether upper or lower case),it will automatically take it in UPPER CASE
i have added below code in login.jsp page but its not working

function toUpper(){
var loginnameUpper = document.getElementById("value").value.toUpperCase();
document.getElementById("value").value = loginnameUpper;

' onchange='toUpper()' style='width: 200px;' defaultonenter='true' tooltipnlsid='MSG_USERNAME'/>

it showing me error :

Invalid request id: __client-935725377~~1 requested Form: 'com.documentum.webcomponent.library.imaging.login.ImgMgrLogin', do not match the form bound to the requestId: 'com.documentum.web.form.Form'

After closing this window, press the Refresh or Reload button on your browser to continue.

Thanks in advance


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