How to sort X-Axis of Bar chart in Custom order.


I have to display a bar chart. In the dataset i have an custom ordered column values. When i have used that dataset to the chart it was displaying that column values in x-axis. But it was getting ordered in Alphabetical order. But it need to be get displayed in custom order as i have given in sql. Please anyone help me. I am struggling with this issue since 3 days.

Sai Krishna

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  • Click the icon on the Select Data tab of the chart editor to open the Grouping and Sorting window. Click the "fx" icon to open the expression editor.

    Choose a sort order and enter an expression to sort the data. The pictured sort moves "company C" to the first item on the X axis.

    Jeff F.
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  • Hello Jeff,

    Thank you so much!! :smiley: It was working fine. Sorry for my late reply.


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