How to hide BIRT report columns when no data

Hi, I have a birt report which displays more than hundred columns. When any of the column has no data, I want to hide the header and detail of the column. I tried using Hide in properties and it did not work. Can some one help. Thanks


  • so you used the visibility property and it didn't work? They have always worked for me.

  • If the whole column doesn't have data then only it should hide the column (both header & detail). The column is coming from the decode in the sql script. My select statement is select a,b,c, max(decode....) X, max(decode...) Y, max(decode...) Z from table...X, Y Z columns are displayed on the report. If X column doesn't have any data, I want to hide X column other wise no. Similarly for Y, Z columns also.

  • Check out the woprint.rptdesign and you well see plenty of examples

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