Press Enter for a Button in xCP Designer


I am trying to implement a project using xCP Designer. I am creating a form and want to perform some operations using a button.

I can achieve my wish by clicking that button. However, I want to use the Enter Key as action trigger. Or, in other words, when the user press Enter from the keyboard for button clicking, I want to perform some operations in my system. (Like a KeyEvent in Java Swing)

Is there any way to do that?



  • What version of xcp are you using? I believe this has been implemented 2.3 on later patch.

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    Hi, I am using xCP 2.3; build: 2.3.0000.0867

  • In 2.3.0 you have the option to press "ctrl+enter" to trigger an action. in a later patch they changed it to just "enter".
    Don't know the patch version any more.

  • Hi @KarelG ,

    It is not triggered on default, I guess. In my project, when I press "ctrl+enter" the button did not triggered. Is there a function to add to its behavior? How can I add that trigger?


  • Yes, you will have to create an UI Event to be fired when user clicks ctrl+enter. When you create a new UI Event, you can configure the shortcut-keys.
    Then use this UI Event to trigger any action on your page.

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