Can someone suggest documentum server monitoring tool

Hello All,

I would like to know build vs. buy, tool like reveille or custom build or existing server monitoring from third party vendor which helps to monitor servers.

appreciate different views, keeping cost part aside for now.


  • I cant speak to reveille, but building a custom monitoring app for just Documentum doesn't make sense. Most of my customers have monitoring software (e.g. SolarWinds) that can be configure to monitor Documentum services.

  • I can draw below from what I have learnt
    1) Windows based based monitoring to trigger emails if services are stopped, windows has the capability to send email on service abrupt end. This has to be configured.
    2) If your company/client is having SAP, SAP has a monitoring tool which can be configured for non SAP systems also. That can be leveraged for monitoring Documentum systems
    3) Check with your organisation wide monitoring tools, if any such as dynatrace etc.., Choose any tool that has good UI to access the alerts and other stuff on the server and consider below for monitoring.
    a) service level monitoring
    b) URL level monitoring
    c) Drive level Monitoring
    so, your tool should satisfy all the above.

  • Thank you MYDCTM and DCTM_Guru

  • Some resources on Reveille

    I would echo and agree with @MYDCTM comments.

    In addition I have configured the ELK stack ( to work with a Documentum install.

    Brian Dinneen
    ECD Documentum Designated Support Engineer


  • One great apparatus, I would state is Share Path which incorporates:
    Broadest Coverage – Designed for Documentum's intricate, heterogeneous high-volume, incorporated creation condition including its restrictive substance server Accurate – Actionable information – not tests and midpoints – gathered from every one of the exchanges, over the majority of the bounces, the majority of the time Efficient – Data for all partners from one lot of dependable examination Minimal Configuration – Straightforward establishment and setup without the requirement for earlier application learning or designer help Low Overhead – Proprietary lightweight authorities add for all intents and purposes no overhead to application traffic inside Documentum

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